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《茶烟外· 壺趣》雜誌 chá yān wài · The Pot Fun magazine

SKU: 364215376135199
  • 《茶烟外· 壺趣》由文人空間團隊傾情奉上,從文化和藝術的視覺帶你領略最風雅的東方壺通鑒。翻開紫砂壺的歷史,從明末一直到民國型成了幾座巍峨的藝術高峰。
    * 雜誌《茶烟外· 壺趣》港澳獨家發售,售價是港幣$155包郵費,歡迎訂購,謝謝!

    "chá yān wài · The Pot Fun" is offered by the literati space team to take you through the most elegant oriental pots from a cultural and artistic vision. Opening the history of the purple clay pot, from the end of the Ming Dynasty to the Republic of China, has become several towering art peaks.

    * The magazine "chá yān wài, The Pot Fun" is exclusively available in Hong Kong and Macau. The price is HK $ 155. Free shipping.

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