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A Gentle Encounter with Tea — Mindful Tea Tasting with Katherine

Private Tea Ceremonies are a beautiful way to make special occasions, celebrate rites of passage, create rituals, grieve losses together, resolve conflict, share peace, begin or end a journey, heal. When we gather in this way we are participating and honouring the sacredness of life and the generous healing medicinal ways of our dear plant family. We are remembering our place and role in the big story. We are restoring our relationship with the seen and unseen the world. Coming together in this ways feeds beauty back to life, creates space foe essential emptiness and rebirth, and nourishes the tribal communal warm-heartedness that binds us together. We remember we are not separate from nature, we are intricately woven in. We belong to, we are responsible within, we are indebted to - all of life. Not some thing outside of us. A seed of purpose and strength and love. To book a private tea special journey please visit,-yoga-sacred-arts

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